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March 23, 2009


by stevenwyer

Unlike other consumer agencies, once a Rip-off Report is filed, it will never, EVER disappear.”

I was clicking around the Internet the other night and thought I’d take a look at the latest of the 400,000+ postings on Scrolling through the copy, this is what I found: “…once a Rip-off Report is filed, it will never, ever disappear.”

That’s right; you read that correctly. FOREVER. Setting aside all of the ethical questions about a company that states up front that once a claim is made–true or false–it will never be removed, what can be done?

Tens of thousands of individuals, professionals and companies are being accused of all manner of wrongdoing and they have no defense. When bad information and half truths are posted, they stay there long after tempers have cooled and everyone has gone their separate way.

The only method of defense is to take deliberate offensive steps. By posting on social blogs such as and you can present yourself as you believe you should be known. Through and, businesses and professionals can provide comprehensive information on their policies, personal information and professional recognitions. By proactively presenting information, you may begin to counter the affects of this type of damaging advocacy.

For those who believe their needs require a more focused effort, there are professional reputation management companies that can analyze, recommend and implement both immediate and long range services designed to address your concerns. is one such company. This firm represents professionals such as those in the medical field as well as attorneys, brokers and many retail businesses. By aggressively working to displace bad information, clients have a fighting chance at regaining their good names. Everyone makes a mistake from time to time. No one should have to live with it being broadcast to the world forever.

–Steven Wyer


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