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March 24, 2009


by stevenwyer

Before you can recover from an online attack you have to be aware that you can be attacked.

Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, celebrity or a working professional, bad information on the Internet can exist without you even knowing it’s there. If Dell, Apple, JetBlue and national figures with deep pockets are touchable, then you are touchable. Bad publicity can destroy a good reputation.

An online attack cannot be prepared for by simply using conventional weapons. It is a new day and you must accept that you are probably not prepared. Recently, as I was explaining the business of Reputation Advocate to a group of business people, a comment was made to the affect of “I’m sure glad I don’t need that type of help”. You guessed it, within a few days my phone rang and it was the person who made the comment; they had found bad information on the Internet and they were in need of assistance. With sites like, no one is safe. can assist individuals, professionals such as doctors, dentists and financial service professionals, as well as private and public companies in defending themselves against misinformation and negative publicity on search engines such as Google.

The first line of defense in reputation management is humility.

–Steven Wyer

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