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April 13, 2009


by stevenwyer

So I’m taking my daughter to school this morning, and on the way I tell her that I’m replacing my Blackberry today. Why? she asks. Answer: It doesn’t dial fast like it used to.

And I think to myself, What exactly is the total delay in seconds I am experiencing? And, how embarrassing…

Then I remembered a sermon I heard several weeks ago about our expectations and how we (I) am so inconvenienced by the slightest delay. For example, the cell signal going into outer space, connecting with a satellite that beams down a signal to the exact phone I wish to reach. Total time: 4 to 10 seconds. There it is, a six second inconvenience.

Fax machines, express mail and the drive-through at Starbucks, I am guilty of them all. How did this happen and what do I do to get back to some reasonable expectations? At the rate I am going, writing a blogpost simply cannot happen fast enough so I will just qui…

Just kidding.

Most situations that we want fast answers for were created over time, not overnight. We ignore a need (I’ll just mail it tomorrow), avoid the demand (the tires have 70K miles on them) or just simply don’t plan (I don’t have time to make coffee so I’ll pay two bucks for a 30 cent cup of coffee).

The same is true of services. When we needed our dishwasher fixed a couple of weeks ago, they had to order the part–another ridiculous delay! Doctors and dentists, I can’t believe they have other patients in front of me (that made their appointments weeks before I called). As I look at all this in my own life it’s embarrassing. It makes me want to say things like “remember the good old days?”

My business, Reputation Advocate, runs into similiar issues. I talk to people every day that just want the “pain” to go away. The bad information and negative postings have been there for months or even years. All of a sudden the negative post from Ripoff Report hits close to home. Something happens and BAM! Their reputation needs to be fixed now.

The solution for my own life is to recast my expectations. When I run into one of those BAM moments with a client I try my best to talk them off the ledge. The negative information wasn’t created overnight (although it was perhaps posted overnight!) and we can’t get rid of it in just one day.

With just a little bit of time my cell phone will connect, I can make coffee, replace my tires or drive over to the post office. As far as my clients go; Rome wasn’t built in a day, remember?

-Steven Wyer,

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