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April 14, 2009


by stevenwyer

You would think that surely there has to be a vaccination for all of this online complaining. After all, Western culture demands a quick solution for every malady that we encounter.

Certainly some smart, academically advanced scholarly type has offered a suggestion. Surprise… Of the following, which one do you think is untouched by online complaint sites such as Ripoff Report?

  1. Doctor reputation
  2. Cosmetic surgeon reputation
  3. Hospital reputation
  4. Nursing home reputation
  5. Dentist reputation
  6. Chiropractic reputation

Answer: None of the above.

And then there’s attorney reputations. Just try searching the term “bad attorney” or go to the blog attorneys-suck. If that vocation can’t find protection, then how about car dealerships, rmoving companies or day care centers? There is a single truth for all companies–and for that matter all individuals–within the reach of the Internet. Anyone can post anything at anytime. No pill, vaccine or magic solution exists.

But there are three things that can be done. First, be aware of what search engines find when your name and/or the name of your business are searched. Second, take advantage of free listings and social sites and third, if you find something negative or bad information on a complaint site like Ripoff Report, then pro-actively fight it.

There are firms such as our company, Reputation Advocate that can do this work, or you can expand your own knowledge and do it yourself. One way or the other you end up either dealing with it, or living with it. Those are the only two options available.

There is a fourth action that you must take. Do not avoid the illness, but face the Internet head on. Remember the old proverb, “An ounce of prevention is better then a pound of cure?” It has never been more true.

-Steven Wyer

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