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October 23, 2009


by stevenwyer

Brand Reputation Management is an important task to maintain a level of dignity in commerce. As a brand becomes more popular and develops more customers, it will become more widely spread.

The more well known a brand image is, the greater the chance that someone will grab a hold of the image and soil it. Seeing unrelated complaints on a Better Business Bureau page, because their brand image was soiled, gives a business owner a gut wrenching feeling.

Therefore, online reputation management monitoring software will allow a company to maintain its brand image without any such worries. Some software allows its users to track certain keywords across the net. Other packages use a Natural Language algorithm to conduct searches.

The Buzzlogic and Nielsen systems work by allowing an individual to track influences in a particular industry or market sector. Yet other systems use visible metrics to allow an individual to watch over their brand image. Of course, regardless of the system chosen, one should always remember that the ultimate goal is to achieve dignity in commerce. One should be avoiding the hassle of having complaints run up with the aforementioned Better Business Bureau.

-Steven Wyer

Steven C. Wyer is the Managing Director of Reputation Advocate, LLC ( The firm specializes in online reputation management services for both individuals and companies. Steven Wyer can be reached at 888-229-0746.

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