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November 27, 2010

The Alphabet Soup of Your Online Reputation, Part 3: Choosing the Right Online Reputation Management Company

by stevenwyer

What if the checklist for your day looked like this?

1.  Develop 15 websites

2.  100 unique articles need writing

3.  Place content on 250 social and profile sites

4.  5 press releases to be widely syndicated

5.  25 blogs developed

6.  2500 backlinks – minimum

7.  Eat lunch

That would be a busy day, would it not?  Well that is a typical Reputation Advocate checklist as we work to improve the Internet reputation for just one client.  Now clearly this is not just for one day – all before lunch.  Yet this would be a minimal “to-do” list for restoring or building Internet reputation using five keywords for one client. That alone separates Reputation Advocate from other organizations that promise lower cost, cookie-cutter approaches to restoring a client’s name, repairing Internet reputation and providing online reputation management services.

Yes, there would probably be some trickle down from items 1 through 5 on our checklist.  Nonetheless, Reputation Advocate typically flips into “overdrive mode” with every client when it comes to restoring Internet reputation.  (This is going to sound like an unabashed plug for Reputation Advocate.  However, I can only write of that which I know!)

Can online reputation management or repair be done with a quicker, shorter process?  Maybe.  Can Internet reputation management be done cheaper?  Definitely. Yet these answers beg something more. Reputation Advocate has seen the unfortunate results of “quicker, cheaper” methods.  Yet why would any company or small business go the less expensive, quicker route, when it comes to something as critical as their Internet reputation?  Have we not all heard the phrase, You get what you pay for?

Does that seem cynical?  Perhaps.  However, the truth of the matter is that many of our clients have come to us after paying for a generic, cookie cutter process that cost little – and delivered even less.  When it comes to online reputation management there is no cookie-cutter “one size fits all” solution.  Since the inception of Reputation Advocate, our online reputation management business model has been simple but labor intensive.  While acknowledging that the costs are not insignificant our clients see results through disciplined, measured and practical methods.  Is it more difficult and more work for Reputation Advocate?  Yes.  Do we impact lives by salvaging, restoring, and/or building Internet reputations for our clients?  Absolutely!

Take backlinks for an example.  Our clients have heard me say more than once: A backlink is not a backlink is not a backlink. They most emphatically do not want backlinks from adult entertainment, religious, political, or foreign sites.  Content that appears to be spam is of little help and it is of no interest to our client list.  In addition, when it comes to their Internet reputations, our clients are extremely concerned about the content of the websites that are found to rank high for them at the conclusion of a project.

I have spent three blog entries laying out the process of rebuilding an Internet reputation.  Do I want companies or businesses to call on Reputation Advocate for their online reputation management needs?  Of course!  Yet I write this final entry in our three-part series as a caution – a warning to choose very, very carefully the company with whom you will partner to manage your online reputation.

While it is said that people are innocent until proven guilty, Steven Wyer experienced first hand that the Internet has interrupted such long held notions of justice. As managing director of Reputation Advocate, an online reputation management company, Steven Wyer now helps others who have been slandered online as he was. Adding the title of published author to his string of professional accomplishments, Steven Wyer has written Violated Online. In the book he offers more than 50 specific tips on how the reader can better prepare for an unexpected online attack. For more information about how Reputation Advocate can help you repair your online reputation, call 888-229-0746 or go online to 

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