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Places, Pluses – and a Lot of Confusion

With Google’s most recent changes to its local listings functions, users are once again left to figure out exactly what it all means. For the small business owners dependent on local reviews, stars, smiley faces and other rating indications this may be one of the most frustrating aspects of using the Internet as a core-marketing tool.

An attempt to understand basic concepts of search engine optimization (SEO) is daunting to most daily business users. Expanding on that platform in an endeavor to discuss local search and SEO quickly sends local businesses heading for the exits. Dozens of consultants, vendors, college students and friends-of-friends all offer to clarify exactly how to benefit from these various services and search algorithms – for a fee. In the middle stands small business. Owners who are focused on the challenges of day-to-day business understand that the Internet is changing the way business is done but have little time to learn a whole new set of skills.  Read more »


The Third Network May Just Be Misunderstood

Right now there seems to be the Big Three – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Most people know about Facebook. As a matter of fact, Facebook is expanding its functionality so quickly that it is hard to keep up with it. Twitter has become a powerful global tool for change and gained respect for its ability to instantly mobilize causes and provide a “voice” for the people. Then there is LinkedIn, which has100 million members, lots of money from a recent IPO and is highly regarded within business circles. There is a significant difference between the two general market social platforms and LinkedIn, however. Even if you don’t know how all of the bells and whistles work on Facebook and Twitter, you get immediate gratification for even basic use. LinkedIn has proven to be a bit more elusive. Most professionals do the best they can to get a basic site set up and then ask themselves, “now what?” I thought I might take a high level approach to getting plugged in to LinkedIn. Here then are my basics. Read more »



Q. What do you get when you combine today’s search technology with the data of 50 million users?

A. An idea called — a repackaged version of profiles linked to personal data from IMHO this is not a good idea! RUN!

Heads up. profile information is the property of the largest online privacy data reseller on the planet. That’s right, the company holding your “mylife” profile is the exact same company that sells personal information about the value of your home, your credit history and more. Wink, wink.

Why in the world would anyone pay $60 per year to have their privacy invaded, their information sold and their intelligence insulted? Next time you have a minute, give Jeff Tinsley, the CEO, a call at 310-571-3144 and tell him what you think.

The icing on the cake: a “No Refund” policy! It’s the perfect storm. No real service, privacy invasion and no refund. These guys should make a fortune, but not from me (or from you!).

–Steven Wyer,