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Places, Pluses – and a Lot of Confusion

With Google’s most recent changes to its local listings functions, users are once again left to figure out exactly what it all means. For the small business owners dependent on local reviews, stars, smiley faces and other rating indications this may be one of the most frustrating aspects of using the Internet as a core-marketing tool.

An attempt to understand basic concepts of search engine optimization (SEO) is daunting to most daily business users. Expanding on that platform in an endeavor to discuss local search and SEO quickly sends local businesses heading for the exits. Dozens of consultants, vendors, college students and friends-of-friends all offer to clarify exactly how to benefit from these various services and search algorithms – for a fee. In the middle stands small business. Owners who are focused on the challenges of day-to-day business understand that the Internet is changing the way business is done but have little time to learn a whole new set of skills.  Read more »


The Alphabet Soup of Your Online Reputation, Part 1: SEO, SERM and ORM

Is there a difference between Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Reputation Management?  Absolutely. In fact, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) or Online Reputation Management (ORM), are as different as night and day.  Just as night and day contribute unique roles in our world, so do SEO and SERM.

Search Engine Optimization has an important part to play in the online world of reputation management – promotion.  Good SEO companies can push the presence of a brand new website on search engines to the very top of the list.  Search Engine Optimization companies take static space (like a billboard in the desert) and bring it to “Times Square” visibility on the web.  The idea is to build a positive online reputation.  But what happens when someone else makes that online reputation not so positive?  That’s where companies like Reputation Advocate enter the online reputation management stage.

SERM and ORM companies like Reputation Advocate track actions and opinions, report those actions and opinions, and then move swiftly to counteract negative actions and opinions in order to preserve or restore an online reputation.  (How we do that, I will cover in a later entry.)  Once a person understands this, it quickly becomes apparent that Search Engine Reputation Management and Online Reputation Management are completely different from SEO work and requires an entirely different toolbox and skill set.

SEO companies use third party sites and keywords to push readers to a main company website.  Search Engine Reputation Management companies use third party sites and keywords to improve positive search engine results in order to successfully restore an online reputation.  So a company may want SEO consultation to drive traffic to their site.  But when the traffic is suddenly stuck in a snarl of negative comments or online slander, they need help from a SERM company like Reputation Advocate to re-establish their online reputation.

Reputation Advocate has worked with many clients who hired a Search Engine Optimization company prior to contacting us for help in rebuilding their online reputation.  While the SEO company may have done a great job of pushing their site to the top of Google, the online slander was still highly visible.  Again, SEO companies have an important role in online reputation but that is not necessarily repairing an online reputation.

At Reputation Advocate we have a unique prescribed method to ensure that what a client wants seen about them and their online reputation, is seen.  It is extremely labor intensive.  It is extremely time consuming.  It is strategically oriented to the max!  In fact, at Reputation Advocate we go way overboard in comparison to many other companies who offer online reputation management and repair services.  We have seen the unfortunate results when there are shortcuts.

To give you an idea, when Reputation Advocate works with a client we often develop 15 websites, send out a minimum of 5 press releases and write up to 100 original articles.  (That’s just the beginning.)  It is a lot of writing and work, but we “bomb” the Internet with “all that is positive” about our client.  Reputation Advocate’s tried, tested and successful online reputation management strategy virtually “erases” the visibility of online slander.  (Again, I will write more on that in a later entry.)

In conclusion, as important and different as day and night or black and white are, so are Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Reputation Management.  To promote an online presence, you may want SEO.  To defend and advocate for your online reputation, you need a SERM company like Reputation Advocate.

For more information about how Reputation Advocate can help you manage your online reputation, visit us online at or call 888-229-0746.